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Sync is an adaptive form of management that synchronizes and harmonizes all our subsidiary companies under one umbrella. All our subsidiary companies have been designed to fulfill our value proposition. Under Sync Neural Genesis, we currently have Norbu DeFi and Rescua Research & Development.

Sync is an on-boarding platform for people, policy-makers, renewable energy technologies, environmentalists, and institutions that are working on projects to address carbon neutrality. We take on projects with a cause, a cause that takes our planet, people and technology towards a sustainable future.

Our team is Dynamic and Diverse yet grounded. We have come together as a team to focus on a common goal and that is SyncNeural. We at sync believe in brainstorming ideas while in consensus with the unimaginable. In Synergy we are a group consisting of industry leaders, engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, and business strategists. Despite everyone playing different instruments, our synchrony brings together wonderful ideas and action plans that are truly harmonious.

Renewable energy companies, incumbent energy providers, inventors, municipalities,  activists, and every citizen of this planet keen on making a positive impact on GAP*T  (which we define as the difference between 100% renewable energy production and the current percentage of renewable energy production in each marketplace). Our clients are globalized, mobile yet local at heart.

The term think tank was first used in military jargon during World War II to describe a safe place where plans and strategies could be discussed.

Our Planet and People are evolving, so should organizations. We at Sync Neural have a mission to re-create organizational values. When ideas are married into actions for change, we have a think tank that expands the boundaries of the ecosystem. The Sync Think Tank aims to protect our ecosystem while building a framework that allows creativity and deep learning to perform research and find solutions for problems related to topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, energy security, digital assets, and decentralized finance. Sync aims at building a multi-billion-dollar think tank, to be owned by millions of people to decentralize power.

It’s going against chaos and collectively combining efforts that result in a synchronized balance of order. Human society is chaotic but there is a valuable lesson to be learn from the universe – The timely relationship that the planets of our solar system have with the Sun. The relationship of our Sun has with our galaxy – The Milkyway and so on.. tied together with Synchrony and balance. Today new distinguished heads and new technologies must be synchronized to save our “little Planet”.

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