Sync is committed to promoting sustainable solutions to the pressing global challenges of climate change and energy consumption. Our mission is to share knowledge and resources that help individuals, organizations, and communities transition to a net-zero future. At the heart of our work is the recognition that climate change is a complex and multifaceted problem that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. We believe that the best way to address this challenge is through collaboration and knowledge-sharing across diverse sectors, industries, and disciplines.

Sync is a comprehensive onboarding platform that serves as a hub for individuals, policymakers, environmentalists, renewable energy experts, and institutions who are all dedicated to tackling the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality. We are passionate about taking on projects with a clear purpose: to drive progress towards a more sustainable future that benefits our planet, people, and technological advancement.

Our team is both dynamic and diverse, yet grounded in our shared purpose. We have united with a singular focus on our flagship initiative, SyncNeural. At Sync, we believe in generating innovative ideas by exploring possibilities that are beyond our imagination, while ensuring that everyone has a voice in the process. Together, we are a synergistic group that includes industry leaders, engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, and business strategists. Though we each bring unique skills and perspectives to the table, our collective harmony produces a rich tapestry of ideas and action plans that truly resonate.

Luzern, Switzerland

Our clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds and share a common goal: making a positive impact on GAP*T, which is the difference between 100% renewable energy production and the current percentage of renewable energy production in each marketplace. We work with renewable energy companies, traditional energy providers, inventors, municipalities, activists, and every individual who is committed to creating a better future for our planet. Our clients are global in their outlook, yet rooted in their local communities, reflecting a deep commitment to making a positive impact wherever they operate.

The term “think tank” originated during World War II as a reference to a secure location where military officials could discuss and plan strategies. However, in today’s rapidly evolving world, organizations must also evolve to keep up with the changing needs of our planet and society. At Sync Neural, we are on a mission to redefine organizational values by fostering a dynamic and innovative environment. Through the Sync Institute, we aim to expand the boundaries of what is possible by combining creative ideas with concrete actions that drive positive change. Sync Institute is dedicated to protecting the ecosystem while enabling deep learning and creativity to research and find solutions for issues related to social policy, political strategy, economics, energy security, digital assets, and decentralized finance. Our ultimate goal is to build an open source institute that is owned by people, decentralizing power and empowering individuals to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

In a chaotic world, it is crucial to bring together our collective efforts to create a synchronized balance of order. While human society can be unpredictable and tumultuous, we can look to the universe for inspiration. The planets of our solar system, for example, maintain a timely relationship with the Sun, while the Sun itself is interconnected with the broader galaxy in which it resides. These relationships demonstrate the power of synchrony and balance. Today, we need to synchronize new technologies and innovative thinking with the expertise of distinguished leaders in order to save our precious planet. By working together in harmony, we can create a sustainable future that benefits all of humanity.

In 2017, Sync’s Founder made an initial investment in renewable energy technology, focusing on the mobile phone sector. A proof of concept was developed, including an antenna prototype and an Android application in collaboration with IBM. Through testing, the minimum viable product demonstrated successful functionality within a short distance of under 10 feet. Building upon this success, Sync has been developing the architecture for a large-scale deployment of wireless technology. By the third quarter of 2023, Sync aims to complete its second minimum viable product, incorporating the technology with blockchain and an asset-backed token, further enhancing its capabilities.

A Sync Virtual Power Plant (SVPP) is a concept in the energy industry that refers to a network of decentralized power sources, such as renewable energy generators (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines), energy storage systems (e.g., batteries), and demand response systems, which are aggregated and controlled as a single entity. While physically distributed, a SVPP is managed centrally through advanced software and communication technologies, allowing it to operate as a unified power plant.

The purpose of a virtual power plant is to optimize the generation, consumption, and distribution of electricity by integrating and coordinating various distributed energy resources. This enables the SVPP to respond to grid demands, balance energy supply and demand, and provide grid stabilization services. Through real-time monitoring and control, a SVPP can adjust the power output of its constituent resources, effectively acting as a flexible and dynamic power generation system.

SVPPs are considered a key component in the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient energy system, as they facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, improve grid reliability, and support demand-side management. By intelligently coordinating distributed energy resources, SVPPs contribute to the efficient use of clean energy and enable the participation of smaller energy producers and consumers in the electricity market.

The term “enerconomy” is a combination of the words “energy” and “economy,” and it refers to an emerging economic system that is centered around the energy sector. In the context of Sync’s usage, the enerconomy represents our vision of how energy will become a form of currency that can be used to buy goods and services.

In Sync’s enerconomy, we propose a framework where individuals can participate in the ownership of a power generation system, specifically our Sync Virtual Power Plants (SVPPs), through the purchase of Empowerment Certificates (EPC). These certificates entitle the holder to stake (pledge) as collateral and receive an asset-backed token based on energy consumption. The EPCs and the SVPPs are connected through a long-term contract using our Web3 platform and smart contracts.

The enerconomy aims to be transparent and visible to stakeholders, allowing individuals to track their energy consumption, expenses, and storage of value. It promotes the transition to renewable energy sources by incentivizing participation and providing returns based on energy generation and consumption.

Overall, the concept of enerconomy proposes a new economic paradigm where energy becomes a tradable asset and plays a central role in the exchange of value within the energy sector.

Netzium is an asset-backed token (ABT) developed by Sync Neural Genesis that is specifically designed to represent and be backed by a specific quantity of renewable energy. In this case, each Netzium token is backed by 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy.

The purpose of Netzium is to provide a digital representation of the underlying renewable energy assets, allowing individuals to invest in and hold a stake in renewable energy generation. The value of Netzium is directly linked to the amount of renewable energy it represents, providing investors with a tangible and sustainable asset.

By pegging Netzium to renewable energy, it offers several benefits. First, it creates a direct connection between token holders and the renewable energy sector, allowing them to support and participate in the transition to clean energy. Second, it provides an avenue for individuals to invest in and benefit from the growth of renewable energy generation. Finally, it promotes transparency and accountability by tying the value of the token to a specific amount of renewable energy, ensuring that the backing is real and measurable.

Overall, Netzium serves as a bridge between the digital world of blockchain and the physical world of renewable energy, allowing investors to align their financial interests with sustainable energy practices.

Rescua is a blockchain protocol designed to establish a connection between the physical world and the digital world. It serves as a framework that enables the seamless integration and interaction between real-world assets, processes, and data with blockchain technology.

By leveraging Rescua, various physical entities such as devices, infrastructure, supply chains, and systems can be represented and managed digitally on the blockchain. This protocol allows for the secure and transparent recording, tracking, and verification of information related to these physical entities.

Rescua enables the transfer and exchange of digital assets that represent physical assets, providing a trusted and decentralized platform for transactions. It ensures the immutability of data, enhances traceability, and facilitates the automation of processes through smart contracts.

The protocol aims to bring efficiency, transparency, and integrity to sectors that require a seamless integration of physical and digital realms, such as supply chain management, logistics, asset tracking, and more. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Rescua empowers businesses and individuals to leverage blockchain technology for enhanced productivity, security, and innovation. is a platform that aims to engage the public and empower them to actively participate in the realization of Web3.0 principles and the ownership of power generation like never before. It serves as a gateway for individuals to take action and contribute to the transition towards a decentralized and sustainable energy ecosystem.

Through, individuals have the opportunity to become active participants in the renewable energy sector by acquiring ownership rights, supporting projects, and participating in the governance of energy-related initiatives. The platform facilitates the democratization of power generation by providing access to investment opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaborative decision-making.

By leveraging the principles of Web3.0 and blockchain technology, offers transparency, security, and traceability in the ownership and management of power generation assets. It enables individuals to have a direct stake in renewable energy projects, promoting a sense of ownership and shared responsibility for a sustainable future. encourages public engagement and awareness, providing information, resources, and tools for individuals to understand the significance of their participation and make informed decisions. It aims to foster a community-driven approach to power generation, where the public plays an active role in shaping the energy landscape and accelerating the transition to a greener and more equitable future.

SyncZero is an algorithm developed by the founder of Sync with the purpose of calculating the NetZero target for each country and facilitating the maintenance of NetZero once it is achieved by 2050. The algorithm takes into account various factors and data points to determine the specific NetZero goals for each country, considering their energy consumption patterns, emissions, and renewable energy potential.

One crucial aspect of SyncZero is its ability to compute the treasury pool for each country. The treasury pool represents the collective resources and assets available to support the transition to NetZero, including financial investments, renewable energy infrastructure, and other relevant resources. The algorithm assesses the funding requirements and sources for each country’s NetZero initiatives, ensuring a sustainable and well-supported transition.

Additionally, SyncZero calculates the number of tokens required for each market to algorithmically maintain NetZero once it is achieved. These tokens are designed to represent and facilitate the exchange of renewable energy value within the ecosystem. By determining the appropriate token allocation, SyncZero helps ensure a balanced and efficient distribution of resources and incentives to support ongoing sustainability efforts.

Overall, SyncZero serves as a powerful tool for governments and stakeholders to plan, monitor, and maintain NetZero targets. It combines data analysis, economic modeling, and algorithmic calculations to provide a comprehensive framework for achieving and sustaining NetZero goals, fostering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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