Cambridge University Garden Party 2022 – Cambridge

Cambridge University Energy & Technology Society

The CUETS is Cambridge’s premier student society for the future of energy. Novel technologies and innovations in energy conversion, processing, and storage are required to meet both societal requirements and future sustainable development goals. CUETS aims to facilitate the discussion of energy related technologies and innovations, and explore the fundamental challenges that must be overcome to make the energy transition a reality.

Sync is collaborating with CUETS and the Cambridge Blockchain Society to spur a movement within the educational system globally to take action. The G20 Coalition is a joint effort to initally connect 20 universities in each of the G20 member states because they represent over 90% of the world’s GDP and contribute the same in emmisions. Our goal is to establish a network including educational institutions worldwide. The G20 coalition members will be assigned various countries in their region to disseminate the knowledge related to achieving net-zero and providing Sync’s three pillars and foundation of renewable energy technologies, structured finance and governance to manage the continous crusade and movement to provide every individual 10kwh of renewable energy per day.


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