Cypto Valley Summit 2022 – Zug

Crypto Valley Summit September 14 - 15 2022

Crypto Valley, the hub of blockchain in Switzerland is not just a place, it is a mindset that is epitomized by mature industry makers. CV Summit is where they convene, join and take a closer look at all that blockchain has in store for the world of finance, security tokens, CBDCs, DeFi, NFTs & Metaverse.

The high paced event rolled from one masterclass to another covering all the layers of the decentalized mental picture. However, the ever-present attendant in the minds of everyone was the regulator. How will they decipher payment tokens, utilitu tokens, and asset tokens in Switzerland and how will the United States move on this codification. How will the providence of central bank digital currencies unfold. The stage it seems is being set for 2023 to be the year of regulation and the preservation of the aspiration for a security token; that will stand strong and find its way into the lives of every citizen on the planet, fabricating a new global inclusive financial system.


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