Net Zero Festival 2022 – London

Net-Zero Festival live from London 28th September 2022

Net Zero Festival states that “we understand that the demand now is for action and delivery. The net zero transition is so broad and so rapid that it represents an enormous challenge to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As such, it is critical that organisations come together to jointly explore how best to accelerate climate action on multiple fronts and learn about the companies and projects that are demonstrating how a net zero emission economy could be built inside 30 years. Faster, Together.

The net zero transition is the defining economic, technological, and geopolitical trend of the age. It will create markets, catalyse innovations, and reshape societies. Every business will have to engage with it. The best businesses will lead it. Because ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. The climate crisis presents a real and present danger to global development and stability. With around 90 per cent of global GDP covered by net zero targets, the political and corporate consensus is that building a net zero emission economy is not just an era-defining opportunity, it is an all-encompassing necessity.

Is it not time now to articulate a comprehensive net-zero playbook. Action and delivery are words that spark and ignite the urge to take the next steps, however, without first educating the various stakeholers, and making sure the public is considered a stakeholder the urge to take action will deliver very little to reach these goals. It is time for a global movement and policy-makers should find the real-world superheros in the public. Their skills should include solidarity, strategy, patience, persistence, vision and the ability to inspire hope in others. However, the rescuers we need are mostly not individuals, they are collectives – movements, coalitions, campaigns, civil society. Within those groups there may be someone with an exceptional gift for motivating others, but even the world’s greatest conductor needs an orchestra. One person cannot do much; a movement can topple a regime. (Rebecca Solnit – The Guardian)


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