Sync Institute Signs MOU with CUETS

Cambridge University Energy and Technology Society signs a memorandum of understanding with Sync Neural to onboard similar organizations in each of the G20 member countries to collaborate and share knowledge to develop solutions for the global problem of climate change. It is the intention to identify an anchor university in each of the member countries to be the catalyst to onboard additional universites in their countries to start building a knowledge network to empower their countries’ citizens to engage in working together to meet the net-zero targets set by their policy-makers. To drive the vision of empowering all citizens of the world to have access to 10kwh of renewable energy per day. To bring awareness, to engage everyone to take action.

The current generation of students that is attending university are the custodials of our little planet for a period of time until they too have to pass on the knowledge and experience to the generations to follow. Knowledge has been passed on for centuries from one power to the next through books and experience; this coalition does not mean it is only the unversities repsonsibility; we want the universities to bring awareness and educate the people so they can take action now.


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