Sync Neural’s business strategy is focused on three key elements: integrating renewable energy technologies, creating its own proprietary technologies, and establishing a digital asset-backed token and blockchain protocol. The company has recently introduced a community-based funding platform for climate finance and is also utilizing smart-contracts to connect renewable energy infrastructure with the digital realm, forming an economic system referred to as the enerconomy.

Our business strategy involves developing products based on three core areas. The first area involves further integrating renewable energy technologies onto our platform. The second area involves improving our data sciences, which utilizes our proprietary algorithm to aid countries, companies, and individuals in planning for Netzero by 2050. We aim to combine these products to create offerings specifically designed for the WEB3 enerconomy.

Strategic Synchronization
  • Public
  • Academia
  • Inventors
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Indigenous communities
  • Institutional Investors

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