In order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we need to transition as many activities as possible, such as transportation, manufacturing, and heating and cooling systems, to the electric grid while ensuring that the power they require is clean, affordable, and readily available. This requires significant updates to the electric grid, including integrating more zero-emissions technologies like solar, wind, and emerging wireless power technologies. Energy storage systems will also play a crucial role in this transition. Our proprietary data service, Sync-Zero, analyzes and highlights the net-zero (GAP*T) for any country. As each government creates its Net-Zero plan and races towards 2050, a new economy will emerge that we call the “Enerconomy.” This free market economy will be supported by a new form of digital currency, a storage of value in the form of electricity, specifically 100 kWh of renewable energy. (Click on India on the map above, register with your email and view a single market report.)

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