Sync Renewable Enerconomy - SRE

Sync has coined the term “Enerconomy” to describe the emerging energy-based economy. We believe, as do hundreds of thousands of citizens around the world, that energy will eventually become a form of currency used to purchase goods and services. Recently, Ericsson also reported on this subject.

Sync’s Enerconomy begins with the purchase of an EPC, which is a certificate that allows the holder to stake as collateral to participate in the benefits of a power generation system – the Sync Virtual Power Plants. The EPC and the infrastructure are tied together via a long-term (25-year) contract utilizing our Web3 platform and smart-contract technology. As energy is consumed, the smart-contract tracks consumption, cost of operation, and eventually distributing an estimated 25% surplus to the EPC holder in the form of an asset backed token called netzium with a storage of value in time (100 kWh). The Enerconomy is designed to be completely transparent and visible to all stakeholders and token holders.

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