Upcycling Plastic Waste and other end-of-life waste products and repurposing it into sustainable building materials is the core focus of SUP. Our technology allows us to upcycle and repurpose plastic waste and manufacture various sustainable building materials used in various industries. Sync is exploring the application of this material for framing solar panels.

Sync Upcylcing Plastics uses a proven technology by enhancing and modifying the technology and production process to produce a 100 % recycled sustainable plastic compound, which is used for sustainable building materials. Our sustainable plastic compound is a viable alternative to aluminium, ceramic, fiber reinforced plastic-FRP, polyvinyl chloride (PVC or Vinyl), unplasticized polyvinyl chloride extrusions -UPVC, wood and wood plastic composite -WPC.
From the environmental point of view, the production of traditional building materials creates several problems; for example, many trees need to be cut down to make timber frames. In addition, cement, steel, and chemical industries release many green house gases into the atmosphere during production.  Sync’s innovative process upcycles and repurposes plastic waste into a “Sustainable Plastic Compound” (SPC).  This SPC will help reduce the dependency on natural capital such as aluminium, iron, limestone, calcium carbonate, wood, and others while simultaneously providing suitable job opportunities.

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