Web 3.0


 A wholesome package platform geared for adaptability, interoperability, and full-scale integration akin to a ‘Zapier’ model for multiple business units. Defined layers and constituent elements to be accessible and serviceable as middle-ware solutions to other companies and clients. This will further enhance and build our ecosystem to function seamlessly across multiple domains; and also enabling a development community to thrive around and support our future development pathways by their activities and contributions. To provide an all encompassing solution to a certain market or an industrial landscape knocking on the doors of the Next Gen Internet or Web 3.0, we have to start our development initiatives thinking from the infrastructure \ hardware layer ensuring backward and forward compatibility.

Rescua is a Blockchain protocol in development by a team of visionaries, innovators, technology and energy experts focused on developing cutting-edge solutions to solve some of the planet’s biggest problems and address immediate global concerns. Our initial technology strategy was born from witnessing and experiencing the failures in market and energy industry that have resulted in incommensurate and deficient adoption of renewable energy assets and sustainability initiatives. There is a growing gap in terms of on-boarding new renewable energy sources and their access to markets, which delay the innovation in the energy landscape. Our company along with its platform can accelerate the adoption of existing renewable energy sources, seamlessly onboard new renewable energy technologies, mitigate the climate change issues, and promote sustainable energy development. In short, we intend to fix the problem by bridging the existing deficiencies in the energy sector and help transition the world towards a greener sustainable energy horizon. The traditional, linear flow of transactive energy from the producing source to consumers is becoming increasingly granular and decentralized. An influx of renewable energy sources and assets are joining the energy ecosystem globally. The Rescua Blockchain Protocol is being developed as one of the pivotal digital technologies which can bring more direct engagement and interaction between the energy producer and consumer. The Rescua Blockchain could enable individuals, companies, and even smart devices and IoT linked energy storage media to interact and transact directly. With this, Sync Neural’s Rescua Blockchain Protocol can play a key role in the energy transition, but blockchain alone will not be enough. A complex digital infrastructure would be needed that is made up of a suite of technologies and application stacks, including blockchain and AI\ML frameworks, that could execute digital orchestration at a massive scale. With a holistic and innovative approach, Sync Neural’s Rescua Blockchain Protocol will empower and enable individuals, environmental activists, governments, and industries, to work together.

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